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    Prostaphane Stability

    This stability study recently carried out by the manufacturer shows there is no significant effect on Prostaphane’s active ingredient for over a month when stored at temperatures higher than room temperature.

    Their official guidance is:

    “The ideal place to store Prostaphane is in the refrigerator, but it can be kept at room temperature. Refrigeration ensures that maximum potency is retained over time. Storing at room temperature can slightly reduce sulforaphane content – by less than 2% (0.2mg) over the course of one month.

    Prostaphane is manufactured with 10% more sulforaphane than shown on the label to allow for heat exposure and still deliver at least 10mg of sulforaphane per capsule.”

    We are therefore authorised to offer Prostaphane worldwide with no risk to the product. You can verify this with the manufacturer here –

    We send Prostaphane with ice packs to provide a few extra days in the cold, but it is not essential. Also, many customers continue to expect it.

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