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    PEMF Statistics & Trends For 2022, 2023 & Beyond

    PEMF Statistics & Trends For 2022, 2023 & Beyond
    November 19, 2023 Vitality Pro

    The medical and healthcare industry is always on the lookout for new ways to treat pain and inflammation, improve healing, and enhance well-being. Now, statistics show that there’s a marked increase in the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy as a supplementary treatment for a number of ailments.

     A brief overview of PEMF statistics and trends for the last few years reveals:


    • In 2022, the global PEMF therapy device market was valued at $595.75 million.
    • The PEMF market worth is expected to reach $781.94 million by 2028.
    • The PEMF therapy devices market is expected to witness market growth of 11.7% CAGR in the Asia Pacific region for 2022-2027.
    • The Japanese market worth of PEMF devices is expected to grow by 9.2% (CAGR) from 2022-2028.
    • Osteoporosis accounts for almost 9 million fractures annually. Hip fractures due to falls account for around 1.6 million annual cases globally.
    • The number of hip fractures is expected to reach 4.5-6.3 million globally by 2050.
    • PEMF therapy is used by 4,000 athletes in Europe.
    • orthopaedic surgeons are using PEMF to treat cancer.

    To gain a better understanding of what PEMF is, how it works, and its benefits for humans and animals at a cellular level, we’ve delved deeper into the topic. We’ve also looked at some of the statistics and trends in PEMF for 2022 and 2023, together with outlining some of the latest research.

    What Is PEMF?

    Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy uses electromagnetic fields to heal slow-healing wounds and fractures and a number of other body dysfunctions. It’s also shown to improve circulation, aid sleep and relaxation, reduce inflammation, and assist in alleviating pain.

    PEMF therapy produces anti-inflammatory and bone-healing effects by reducing the production of free radicals and stimulating osteoblasts (cells which produce bone). An electromagnetic field (EMF) is generated when charged particles such as electrons are accelerated. Charged particles in motion produce magnetic fields, so an electromagnetic field is produced by moving electric charges. Currents are delivered in low-frequency pulses, hence the inclusion of “pulsed” in the acronym.

    The electromagnetic pulses act on our cells to slow or stop the release of pain and inflammatory mediators, increase the flow of blood, and ultimately, recharge cellular metabolism. This boosts healing, reduces inflammation and pain, speeds up tissue healing, and increases energy.

    “PEMF therapy produces anti-inflammatory and bone-healing effects by reducing the production of free radicals and stimulating osteoblasts (cells which produce bone).

    The Rise Of PEMF

    Research into PEMF has increased in the West since 2000. But prior to that, the Soviets pioneered PEMF research and its therapeutic uses for a long time. They used it as a therapy for lung disease, peripheral vascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, rheumatic diseases and neurological disease, among others. 

    In the USA, veterinarians were the first to cotton on to the benefits of PEMF. The therapy was used extensively in the racehorse industry to assist in healing broken legs in racehorses.

    These days, a wide range of professional and consumer PEMF devices are marketed and sold for personal and professional use in both humans and animals. Many of these are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered wellness devices. In addition, the International Olympic Committee has approved the use of PEMF therapy for both humans and horses.


    What Do PEMF Devices Look Like?

    PEMF devices look like thick, padded yoga mats connected to an electrical control box. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit various parts of the body and treatment requirements. 

    The device houses spiral coils which produce a stable magnetic field. In addition, an internal frequency generator energises the coils in order to create a pulsed electromagnetic field.

     The Benefits Of PEMF

    In a nutshell, PEMF helps your body to recover faster from injuries, corrects cellular dysfunction, and stimulates cells to restore and recharge metabolism.  Patients feel energised after undergoing PEMF, and it helps athletes to recover faster from joint and soft tissue injuries.

    PEMF therapy is used to treat pain and inflammation in the spine, ankles, elbows, hips, shoulders and knees - in fact, in almost all joints. Practitioners often recommend PEMF for chronically inflamed joints, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, peripheral neuropathy, and wounds that are slow to heal.

    How PEMF Works

    PEMF therapy uses technology (pulsing electromagnetic waves) to stimulate the body’s cells to help restore proper cellular functions leading to overall wellness. 

    It treats your cells like batteries, re-energising them by sending magnetic energy into the body. These energy waves work with the body’s natural magnetic field to facilitate healing by increasing the production of electrolytes and ions.

    PEMF acts on the electrical changes on a cellular level and boosts cellular metabolism. It works with your body’s own recovery processes to help relieve chronic pain and inflammation. 

    PEMF is considered a non-invasive alternative therapy to drugs and surgery.

    “PEMF is considered a non-invasive alternative therapy to drugs and surgery.”

    Is PEMF Safe?

    Our bodies are literally electric. Both our planet and our bodies are surrounded by electromagnetic fields. Our cells and neurotransmitters use electrical charges to send signals around the body and brain, and PEMF therapy realigns these cellular electrical charges when they go awry.

    As most use low frequencies, PEMF therapy devices are safe and non-invasive with no significant side effects. Patients or people receiving the therapy don’t feel any pain, discomfort or immediate changes in the body during or immediately after the treatment. However, it’s not recommended that pregnant women undergo PEMF therapy. This isn’t due to proven harm but rather due to a lack of research on the safety of the treatment in this area. 

    When a cell is stimulated with PEMF therapy, it permits positive electrical charges to penetrate a cell, which positively charges the cell. These positive charges turn to pulses, which aid in healing and cellular signalling. These devices have proved their worth in reducing chronic and acute pain related to soft tissue, inflammation, bone, tendon or ligament injuries.

    PEMF For Pets

    PEMF therapy is also becoming more widely used by veterinarians on pets. Instead of using potent steroids to reduce inflammation which has many negative side effects, many pets with arthritis and osteoarthritis are being given a new lease on life with PEMF.

    PEMF benefits for pets include:

    • Cell growth is massively increased together with collagen formation
    • Inflammation is drastically reduced
    • Circulation is increased, as is the oxygenation of tissue
    • Pain is reduced.


    Pets benefit from PEMF therapy just as humans do. PEMF therapy can help relieve pain and inflammation in pets with conditions such as hip dysplasia (common in Alsatian and Labrador breeds), arthritis and other chronic conditions. 

    These days PEMF therapy is used extensively to promote healing in pets recovering from surgery or injuries. There are a large number of manufacturers marketing and selling pet PEMF devices.

    As the global pet market is valued at $223.54 billion, the demand for PEMF devices for pets is bound to increase well into the future. 

    PEMF Stats & Trends For 2022 and 2023

    The global PEMF therapy device market reached a value of $595.75 million in 2022. The market worth is expected to reach $781.94 million by 2028.

    By 2032, it’s estimated that the market will reach a value of $885.4 million.

    The global PEMF therapy devices market is divided into two - low-frequency and high frequency PEMF devices. Predictably, the low-frequency PEMF devices market enjoys the largest market revenue share due to its use in pain relief and its safe use at home. Higher frequency devices deliver a more powerful therapeutic treatment, so they are usually used in hospitals by doctors and qualified therapists.

    With our ageing population as people live longer, the demand for rehabilitative non-invasive therapies has grown.

    As more and more research into the benefits of the therapy is published, many studies are starting to demonstrate the benefits of PEMF therapy. It has been shown to be particularly beneficial for patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

    Low frequency PEMF devices emit longer (beneficial) magnetic wavelengths and are considered wellness devices. In 2022, Forbes reported that many people are using PEMF devices in the form of headbands to help them wind down and sleep.

    Currently, as PEMF has been demonstrated to elevate mood, bipolar and depression-related disorders, more and more people are starting to use PEMF devices at home.

    Future Trends In PEMF

    With its large geriatric population, Asia is an ever-expanding market for PEMF. This is highlighted by the fact that the PEMF therapy devices market is expected to witness market growth of 11.7% CAGR in the Asia Pacific region for 2022-2027.

    In Japan alone, the market worth of PEMF devices is expected to grow by 9.2% CAGR from 2022-2028. In this tiny but densely populated nation, PEMF is mostly used for pain relief and bone growth in the elderly.

    Osteoporosis accounts for almost 9 million fractures annually around the world. Hip fractures due to falls account for around 1.6 million annual cases globally. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, the number of hip fractures is expected to reach 4.5-6.3 million globally by 2050. These increasing cases of osteoporosis are a significant factor in driving the demand for PEMF therapy devices well into the future.

    Other PEMF Regional Insights

    In North America, PEMF therapy is very popular. With increasing sedentary lifestyles, more and more people are developing musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. This accounts for the rising demand for PEMF devices annually in the US and Canada.

    Another factor is the shift towards non-or minimally-invasive procedures in the medical and surgical industry. Currently, there are many orthopaedic procedures performed using keyhole surgery. Hip and knee replacements are an example, and many surgeons are turning to PEMF therapy to boost and shorten post-operative recovery time. The therapy is used by 4,000 athletes in Europe and many more in the US.

    Across the Atlantic in the UK, a simple Google search on the status of PEMF in the UK presents pages of results for clinics and practitioners using PEMF.

    In Europe, PEMF therapy has been widely used as a therapeutic modality for decades.

    In Scandinavian countries, Germany and France, alternative medicine is more widely accepted than in the US and the UK, although this is changing.

    The Covid-19 pandemic increased awareness of self-care, mental wellness and making healthy lifestyle choices. Now, people are taking a more active role in maintaining their health and wellness. Technological developments have placed tools and devices in our hands that we can use at home, effectively shifting health care from hospitals and doctor’s rooms into our own hands. PEMF is part of this self-care trend, and the rise in the use of at-home devices is proof of this.

    Considerations When Choosing A PEMF Device

    PEMF devices come in all shapes and sizes, depending on their intended use. There are full body mats, headbands, and abdominal or lower back devices.

     Your doctor can advise you on:

    • Which electromagnetic frequencies and strengths to use for your particular condition
    • How often you should use the device.
    • The time spent on your device.

     It’s important to arm yourself with knowledge and ask your health practitioner for advice. Don’t just buy a device and self-treat yourself. Work with those in the know to enjoy the most benefits from your device.

    Having a home device gives you added flexibility as your treatment sessions can fit in with your daily schedule.

    When purchasing a device, the following considerations are important:

    • Is it portable (if you need portability)?
    • Do you need a full-body device such as a mat or smaller devices for a particular area?
    • Understand the different frequencies and intensities.
    • Device price and value for money?
    • Read customer reviews
    • Does the device come with a warranty?

     Recent PEMF Research

    Although researchers have been looking at PEMF for decades, some recent research is revealing promising results on the benefits and therapeutic uses of PEMF.

    Surprisingly, one is cancer.

    Cancer is a deadly disease and accounts for millions of deaths annually around the globe. The way cancer is treated currently involves the use of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery -all invasive, toxic, and often with negative side effects.

    Recent research in PEMF therapy in China shows the treatment can selectively kill cancer cells by taking advantage of their own sensitivity to electromagnetism. PEMF therapy showed significant anticancer properties in both tests on humans and in the laboratory.

     The rapid metabolism and rapid growth of tumour cells were curbed, and the body’s own natural killer cells increased within a week of treatment. Overall, the study showed that a pulsing magnetic field improved the body’s own ability to fight and suppress cancer. 

    Another study was aimed at examining the effectiveness of PEMF therapy on pain and the quality of life and shoulder function in patients suffering from subacromial impingement syndrome (SIS) or frozen shoulders. The most common symptom of SIS is intense pain and a huge decrease in shoulder mobility. Patients cannot elevate their arms and find it hard to dress themselves and perform other everyday tasks.

    The condition arises from the rubbing of the rotator cuff between the humerus and the top outer edge of the shoulder, resulting in acute pain and irritation. Traditionally the condition has been treated with cortisone injections (which are painful and only serve to mask the symptoms), anti-inflammatory medications, ice, surgery and rest.

    The study also showed an increase in cellular oxygen from red blood cells, leading to increased oxygenation of the tissues. This resulted in fewer toxins in the damaged area and an increase in endorphins and vital nutrients. Best of all, all these changes at a cellular level lessened the pain receptor sensitivity that relays a message to the brain.

    Overall, the study participants reported a reduction in pain and joint mobility increased.

    An older study by Oxford University stated that plastic surgeons have a powerful tool with PEMF therapy to treat pain, chronic wounds and swelling in post-surgical patients.

    As more and more research is conducted, there has been an increased understanding and acceptance of the usefulness of PEMF therapy.

    “the study participants reported a reduction in pain and joint mobility increased.”

    The Future of PEMF

    Technological advancement has helped place more economic and at-home devices on the market. Now doctors and specialists have another treatment in their arsenal to treat post-surgical pain and inflammation, leading to faster healing times.

    PEMF therapy is simple, has no known side effects, and is cost-effective, bringing its benefits into the hands of ordinary people.

    So will electrical stimulation of cellular circuits become a new kind of medicine in the future? 

    Promising research and studies are ongoing, with many in the medical profession hopeful that stimulating cellular circuitry will be a significant medical treatment in the future.